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As someone who makes films, I could only dream of discovering that two of my actors shared even an nth of the chemistry Bett Rickards and Amell share, on screen. When this happens, where filmmakers find these unexpected moments of great chemistry, the writers should embrace them, and follow a trajectory that allows the relationship to flourish thanks to the chemistry shared between the actors.
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only 100 in 5 weeks

man her game is weak

That’s 100 episodes in 35 days.

That’s 2.8 episodes a day.

I’ve had casual watching more intensive than that.

*tumblr collectively laughs*

during school last year i collectively watched an average of eight supernatural episodes a day

this girl needs to step up her game

She could do better than this. But them again,she was watching Lost! That show is heavy!

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The amazingly talented amandaecs contacted me a few weeks ago saying she was working on a piece inspired by my fic “With Our Backs to the Wall (The Darkness Will Fall)”. She sent me a rough draft and then submitted this finished product a few days ago. I don’t know about you but I am completely in awe of her talent. That is watercoloring right there folks, complete with shading and intricate details, all done by hand.

This is amazing, darling, and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. It honestly made my day to see this and brought a huge smile to my face when I really needed it the most. You are seriously wonderful. Thank you.

This is so beautiful!

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